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“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”
― Ronald E. Osborn

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Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. Anthony J. D’Angelo

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― Aristotle


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Face to face or online

Face to face or online
Course fee-500$

10 classes-1.5 hr each

Small group- up to 3 persons

+12 full length dialogues

4 Mock tests

Mock Test Only

Mock Test Only
   100$ each

Exam standard full length test

Real human voice

Marking and feedback included

15 mins consultation.

Why Choose us?

Benefits for Students

Outstanding success rate

Our Success rate is outstanding. Get our course today and prove yourself best in NAATI CCL.

5+ Experienced Teacher

We have more than 5 Experienced Teacher who will help you to get the highest score in the NAATI CCL exam.

One to one study option

We have One to one study option- excellent outcome.

Free Exam Materials

We are giving you Free exam materials and standard practice thus you can get more than better score in your exam.

Mock test and feed back

Taking Mock test and feed back we provide full support to our students so that they can get the best score.

Small group (upto 3 persons)

Small group (upto 3 persons)- individually focused.

Featured Course

  •    10 classes-1.5 hr each
  •    Small group- up to 3 persons
  •    +12 full length dialogues
  •    4 Mock tests
  •    Exam standard full length test
  •    Real human voice
  •    Marking and feedback included
  •    15 mins consultation.


Unique Tutorial is a specialized private NAATI CCL coaching center based in Rockdale, Sydney. Our goal is to help our students to achieve success in the NAATI CCL BANGLA Exam.


  • A recording audio of twodialogues will be played to the candidate
  • Each dialogue contains around 300 words, half in English & half in Bangla.
  • All of the dialogues consist of 10-12segments which have a limit of 35 words each
  • Test officer will pause the recording after every segment, then the candidate needs to interpret it from English to LOTE or from LOTE to English
  • Test officer records the candidate’s responses for marking.
  • Note taking is optional


    • Each dialogue receives a mark out of 45.
    • To pass a candidate needs to score at least 29 out of 45 for each dialogue and score at least 63 out of 90 overall.
    • When NAATI issues the result for the CCL test it will be based on the mark achieved:
    • PASS: 63 or higher (out of 90)
    •  MARGINAL FAIL: between 55 and 62.5 (out of 90)
    • CLEAR FAIL: less than 55 (out of 90)

To check all the exam dates please visit NAATI CCL official web page-

Class Time table: We are flexible, and student can choose a suitable class time. Please give us a call for class time.